Our farm

Located in Guilderland/Altamont, NY, Bees of the Woods Apiary & Mallard Pond Maple is home to a dozen bee colonies and over 200 maple trees. Our bees forage in our trees as well as the over 100 acres of fields surrounding their home.

Local, Raw Honey

Our raw wildflower blend honey is produced right in our backyard.  Never fine-filtered, simply screened to remove large bits of comb, and only warmed to maximum temperatures found in hives to keep it from crystallizing. 


Maple Syrup

Our pure maple syrup is produced typically from the last week of February until the first week of April each year. We use a wood-fired evaporator and an RO (reverse osmosis) to remove water from the sap of the maple tree.


Scenes From the Farm

A view into the life of beekeeping & sugarmaking

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