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Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles

To order any of the candles below please contact us at sales@beesofthewoods.com. Please note that some candles may not be immediately available in larger quantities. For larger orders (more than 6 of each type of candle) send us an email with the quantity you wish to order and the date you would like them.


*** Please note, as of March 2021 we are currently sold out of candles. We have to process the beeswax and need to wait until the sun is higher in the sky and can help aid in the wax melting.  Candles will be available in the Fall. Thank you!

Taper Candles  

12" Taper  Candles                                                 $10.00

10" Taper  Candles                                                 $8.00

6"    Taper Candles                                                 $6.00

Taper Candles  

12" Hex Taper  Candles                                         $10.00

6" Pillar Candle  

5" Pillar Candle -  3" dia                                          $24.00

4" Pillar Candle  - 3" dia                                         $19.00
3" Pillar Candle  - 3" dia                                         $



Fern Pillar Candle  

 Fern Pillar Candle -                                               $19.00

Bear with Skep 

Bear with Skep - 2.5" x 2"                                     $4.00

Skep with Bees 

 Skep with Bees - 3" x 2.25"                                 $5.00


Turkey Candle

 Thanksgiving Turkey Candle                                $6.00



Christmas Tree Candle

 Christmas Tree Candle                                          $6.00



Rustic Snowflake Candle

 Rustic Snowflake Candle                                        $4.00



Maple Leaf Ornament

  Small Maple Leaf Ornament                                  $1.00


Small Snowflake Ornament 

  Small Snowflake Ornament                                   $1.00



Large Snowflake Ornament

 Large Snowflake Ornament                                   $2.00

2" Votive Candle 

  2" Votive Candle                                                     $2.00



Pumpkin Candle 

  Pumpkin Candle                                                      $5.00