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100% Pure Local Honey


Never heated, never fine filtered. Only 100% pure raw honey straight from the hive. This honey is spun off of honey frames, strained through a stainless sieve to remove larger bits of comb and then bottled at room temperature.

Please note, raw honey crystallizes at different rates depending on the type of nectar collected by the bees, the processing of, and the storage of the honey. Crystallization can occur a few weeks after being extracted from the comb or it could take a year or two before crystallizing. The crystallization of honey has no bearing on it's quality. It is an attibute of pure, natural honey.

If you find that you prefer liquid honey, simply place it in a jar of warm water. However, some people prefer crystallized honey as it is less runny and has a richer taste.




To order any of the honey listed below please contact us at sales@beesofthewoods.com.



Comb honey  
16 oz. Comb Honey                                                                  $14.00

8 oz. Ross Round Comb Honey                                                      $9.00


Half Pound Honey Jar  
1/2 Pound Local Wildflower Blend Honey  - Classic Jar      $4.00

One Pound Honey Jar
1 Pound Local Wildflower Blend Honey- Classic Jar              $8.00

Two Pound Honey Jar  
2 Pound Local Wildflower Blend Honey  - Classic Jar            $13.00



Two Pound Honey Jar  
5 Pound Local Wildflower Blend Honey  - Glass Jar                $31.00



Muth Jars  
1lb Muth Jar                                                                                    $10.00
3.4 oz Muth Jar                                                                               $4.00

Honey Bear Bottle 
16 oz. Local Wildflower Blend Honey Papa Bear                      $8.00



Hex Jar 
1/2 lb Hex Jar                                                                                 $5.00



Other honey products: 


1lb Tall Glass Jar                                                                              $8.00

12oz Skep Jar                                                                                   $8.00

2 oz Mini-Bear                                                                                   $2.50