Pure Raw Honey

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100% Pure Raw Honey

  • Raw unprocessed honey is 100% pure, natural, and unheated beyond normal hive temperatures (approximatly 110 degrees).


  • Raw honey contains B complex vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, and K and traces of minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc.


  • Besides eating raw honey, it has many medicinal benefits. As I have learned this winter from heating our house with wood, honey promotes healing - and soothing relief - from burns!


  • Honey can also be used to heal rashes or abrasions.


  • Raw honey cleans teeth, mouth and dentures, and stops beeding gums.


  • Recent studies have found that honey is more effective at soothing coughs and sore throats.


  • Honey is great for your skin! Of course you probably want to look for a skin cream with honey as the main ingredient since applying honey directly to your skin would make you very sticky - and appealing to honeybees in your area!


  • Raw honey contains bits of pollen, dust, and molds that cause 90% of all allergies. When allergy sufferers eat honey on a daily basis they build up an immunity to pollen, dust, or mold that is causing the allergic reaction.


  • Honey can be used in the place of sugar. Add honey to tea or even coffee! Spread it on French toast, add to cakes & muffins or try it in a glass of iced tea.


  • Honey should be stored at room temperature. For long term storage honey may be frozen to slow crystalization.


  • Raw honey will crystallize over time. Crystallized honey can be liquified by heating it in a hot water bath. Do not microwave or apply direct heat to honey as it can quickly be overheated and burnt. Some people prefer the taste of crystallized honey as it tends to have a richer taste. Also, crystallized honey is easier to eat as it does not drip off of a spoon.


  • Honey Comb is perfectly edible.


  • Comb honey has many uses. Spread a chunk of comb honey on toast or crush some over breakfast fruits. You can even chew on the wax to remove the honey from the comb. You may swallow the bits of wax or remove it from your mouth. This is great if you feel a cold coming on or are sick as the slow release of honey will sooth your throat.

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