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100% Pure  Maple  Syrup

Mallard Pond Maple Syrup comes from approximately 250 sugar, black and red maples that drip sap into our buckets each year. We produce roughly 40 gallons of maple syrup in all grades. All syrup is made using a wood-fired evaporator that boils the water out of the sap and produce some of the best tasting syrup around. Try some and we bet you'll agree!

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Maple Syrup Glass Bottles      New York Maple Jug

8.45 oz Maple Leaf                                                                       $10.00
3.4 oz glass Maple Leaf                                                               $4.00

8.45 oz Foila Maple Leaf Embossed Glass Bottle                               $9.00

8.45 Jug w/ embossed leaf                                                                 $9.00

8 oz Flask Glass Bottle                                                                $6.00

8.5 oz NYS Glass Jug                                                                           $9.00

16.9 oz NYS Glass Jug                                                                        $17.00


NY Maple Jugs - Plastic


3.4 oz Bottle                                                                                        $3.00  
1/2 Pint Bottle                                                                                     $6.00
Pint Bottle                                                                                            $12.00
Quart Bottle                                                                                         $18.00
1/2 Gallon Bottle                                                                                $34.00

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